Apprentice and trainee enrolment guide

Thank you for choosing RMIT! Follow these steps to enrol online into your program.

Expand each section below and follow the instructions to enrol.

Prepare to enrol

1. Collect your documents

You must have the following documents and information to enrol.

1. Current passport (preferred), birth certificate (not an extract) or other accepted documentation to verify your citizenship and eligibility for a government subsidised place.

You may need the following information to enrol, depending on your circumstances.

2. Centrelink concession card (current Commonwealth Health Care Card, Pensioner Card or Veterans’ Gold Card) if eligible to apply for a fee concession.

3. Transcripts from previous study - if you want to apply for credit transfer or recognition of prior learning (RPL).

Information icon Give yourself plenty of time to get the documents you need - if you’re applying for a passport or concession card, it may take some weeks to arrive.

2. Complete the online Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) assessment

If you’re enrolling into a government subsidised place (check your enrolment email from RMIT for details), you must complete an online English and maths assessment, called the LLN. Your LLN result will be used to help RMIT identify your educational support needs.

If you have completed the RMIT LLN assessment within the past 2 years, you do not need to complete it again.

Wait iconIt may take up to 24 hours after you receive your enrolment email for you to be able to log in and start the LLN. If you can't log in straight away, continue with Steps 3 - 6 and return to it later.

How to complete the LLN

  1. Use a computer or a tablet device (the screen does not resize for mobile phones).
  2. Follow the instructions in the Reference Guide (PDF 0.98MB 2p) to log in and complete the assessments. It will take about 45 minutes to complete both.

Wait iconYou'll need to wait for up to 48 hours for your results to be registered with RMIT. While you wait, continue to complete Steps 3 - 6.

Start the LLN

3. Create your Unique Student Identifier (USI)

It’s a government requirement that you have a USI to enrol in your program. The USI is a reference number that will give you access to an online record of all of your recognised training and qualifications.

  1. You’ll need your ID ready such as a current passport, full birth certificate or driver’s license.
  2. Once you’ve created your USI, make a note of it as you’ll need to bring this to your enrolment session.

Create your USI

4. Log in to Enrolment Online

1. To make enrolment as easy as possible set yourself up for success by:

  • using a desktop or laptop computer
  • using one of RMIT’s preferred browsers for Enrolment Online e.g. Chrome
  • enabling pop-ups in your browser settings - or you won’t be able to complete your enrolment.

2. Log in to myRMIT using your RMIT ID and password.

  • Your RMIT ID is the letter ‘s’ followed by your student number (example: s1234567).Your student number is in your RMIT enrolment email.
  • Your temporary password is the letter ‘p’ followed by your date of birth backwards and an exclamation mark (example: p19920428!).

Information iconChange your temporary password as soon as possible to make sure your student account is secure. Find out how at password assistance.

Log in now

3. Once you are logged in, select Enrolment Online.

1. HE and VE myRMIT

4. Select the Enrol button next to the program you want to enrol in.

VE enrol

5. Complete the Pre-training review

If you’re enrolling into a government subsidised place (check your enrolment email for advice), you will be asked to answer some questions to:

  • make sure that the program is the most suitable qualification for you, and
  • determine if you will need any support during your studies. If applicable, you will receive an email providing links to support resources.

These questions are simple and straight-forward as they relate to your previous education, career goals, access to technology and any special needs that you may have.

Wait iconYou may need to wait until a staff member has reviewed this information before being able to enrol in classes. In some cases, an RMIT staff member will call you to discuss your reasons for undertaking the program. This review may take up to 2 business days.

6. Provide your document details

Information iconThis step applies if you have been offered a government subsidised place (check your enrolment email for advice).

You will be asked to:

  • answer some questions about your education history and citizenship to verify your eligibility for a government subsidised place, and
  • provide evidence to verify your citizenship - your current passport number and expiry date (preferred) or details of other accepted documentation.

Wait iconYou’ll need to wait while RMIT assesses your eligibility and contacts you by phone to ask you some questions. Usually this will take up to 48 hours, but it may take longer during our busiest times.

You’ll receive an email to your RMIT student email account when your eligibility has been assessed. You will need to log back in to Enrolment Online to accept your assessment outcome, then you can continue with the enrolment process.

7. Your RMIT fees


8. Attend your enrolment session

The details of your enrolment session will be sent to you by email. If you don’t receive an email, please contact your school.

Remember to bring the following to your session:

  • the documents and information listed in Step 1: Collect your documents
  • your USI.

At your session, your school will provide you with details about the program and the classes you will enrol into. Once you have this information you will be able to enrol online.

9. Complete My Checklist

Before you add your classes, you will be asked to accept RMIT’s terms and conditions, fill in your personal details and provide statistical information.

1. Log in to Enrolment Online using your RMIT username and password (see Step 4 for details).

2. To start My Checklist select Enrol.

VE enrol

Information iconYou can save your progress and come back to it later by selecting Save for later.

10. Apply for a fee concession (if eligible)

This step applies to certificate I - IV programs only. If you hold a current Centrelink concession card, you may be eligible to apply for a fee concession.

If you don’t yet have your concession card, you can skip this step and complete it later by selecting ‘Apply for fee concession’ from the My student record page. You must apply before your class start date to access the concession fee rate.

If you are the named concession card holder

  • Complete the form in Enrolment Online. You will need your concession card and your Customer Reference Number (CRN) or Veterans’ Affairs Reference Number (VRN).
  • You will be notified immediately of your eligibility for a fee concession and can then proceed to Step 11.

If you are listed as a child or dependant on the concession card

For details, see Apply for a fee concession.

11. Agree to your training plan

Before you can add classes you will need to agree to your training plan.

1. Select Continue next to the semester you’re enrolling into.

2. Select your training plan and use the expand symbols to open each section.

3. Select Generate training plan to review, print or save a copy.


4. Select Agree to training plan to acknowledge that you have read and understood your training plan.

12. Add your classes

1. Select Continue next to the semester you’re enrolling into.


2. Select Show classes.


Your classes will be pre-selected for you.


3. Select Add selected classes. Your class enrolments will now be displayed.

VE successfully enrolled

4. Select Exit EOL and check the pop-up summary of your enrolment to ensure all details are correct.

Information iconIf you need proof of your enrolment, e.g. for Centrelink, your official Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) will be available in Enrolment Online the day after you enrol.

Congratulations - you are now officially an RMIT student!

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