RMIT University Academic and Professional Staff Enterprise Agreement 2014

63. Ordinary hours of duty


The ordinary hours of duty of employees will be determined by the University in accordance with this clause.


The ordinary hours of duty will not exceed an average of 36 per week to be worked on one of the following bases:

(a) 36 hours within a work cycle not exceeding 7 consecutive days;

(b) 72 hours within a work cycle not exceeding 14 consecutive days;

(c) 108 hours within a work cycle not exceeding 21 consecutive days; and

(d) 144 hours within a work cycle not exceeding 28 consecutive days.

Changes to work cycles established in accordance with clause 63.2 are subject to consultation in accordance with clause 24.


The ordinary hours of duty for employees other than shift employees will be worked:

(a) on any or all of the days of the week, Monday to Friday; and

(b) continuously, except for meal breaks, between 8.00am and 6.00pm.


The ordinary hours of duty for shift employees will:

(a) be worked continuously each shift except for meal breaks;

(b) not exceed 10 hours inclusive of meal breaks in any single shift; and

(c) be worked in accordance with clause 67.


Staff may agree, in writing, on schemes of shift arrangement which may not attract shift allowance, provided that under these arrangements, no employee will be mandatorily required to work a shift which extends beyond 6.00pm, Monday to Friday without payment of shift penalty.


Notwithstanding any other provisions of this Agreement, RMIT may during the period Monday to Friday, and by agreement with the employee(s) concerned establish an arrangement for extended shifts of up to nine hours thirty minutes (exclusive of meal breaks) which would not attract shift penalty. Provided that an employee so agreeing would not be required to work on more than 80% of the ordinary working days (Monday to Friday).

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