2009 RMIT Teaching Award Winners

Vice-Chancellor’s Distinguished Teaching Award

Recognising the outstanding contribution that an individual academic or teacher has made to the promotion of teaching excellence at RMIT over a sustained time period, and that is seen as modeling best practice and influencing the wider educational community. In 2009 there are two award winners:

Associate Professor Sandra Jones

Associate Professor Sandra Jones (School of Management)

For sustained commitment to learning and teaching, university wide leadership, scholarship, and success in teaching-related grants and citations.

Associate Professor John Reece

Associate Professor John Reece (School of Health Sciences)

For sustained, exemplary and inspiring student centred teaching which has influenced colleagues, been recognised by peers, and informed research into teaching and learning in the fields of cognitive psychology, research methods, and data analysis.

Category A: Higher Education Discipline Categories

Biological Sciences, Health and Related Studies

  • Dr Jeff Shimeta (School of Applied Sciences)
    For innovative teaching of critical-thinking skills at the undergraduate level in the context of understanding science as an investigative process.

Humanities and the Arts (including Design)

  • Certificate of Achievement: Dr Scott Mayson (School of Architecture and Design/Industrial Design)

Law, Economics, Business and Related Studies

  • Associate Professor Barry McIntyre (School of Business Information Technology)

Physical Sciences and Related Studies (including Architecture, Building and Planning, Engineering, Computing and Information Science)

  • Professor Jiyuan Tu (School of Aerospace, Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering)
    For excellence in developing innovative approaches, multidisciplinary collaboration and achieving international recognition in teaching Thermal Fluid Science and Computational Fluid Dynamics.
  • Certificate of Achievement: Dr Khalil Ibrahim (School of Computer Science and Information Technology)
  • Certificate of Achievement: Mr Lucas Holden (School of Mathematical and Geospatial Science)

Social Sciences (including Education)

  • Certificate of Achievement: Ms Christine Craik (School of Global Studies, Social Science and Planning)

Indigenous Education

  • Certificate of Achievement: Associate Professor Adela McMurray (School of Management)

Early Career Academic

  • AWARDED TO: Dr Jennifer Elsden-Clifton (School of Education)
    For outstanding contributions to education students’ learning through innovative and engaging activities based on student centred reflective practice across courses and programs in the School of Education.
  • Certificate of Achievement: Ms Kate Church (School of Architecture and Design)
  • Certificate of Achievement: Dr Natt Pimpa (School of Management)

Category B: TAFE Awards

TAFE Outstanding Teacher of the Year

  • Mr Marko Dumovic (School of Engineering, TAFE)
    For sustained, committed excellence in teaching and learning practices which enhance learning opportunities and outcomes for TAFE Engineering students, including fostering pathways between TAFE and Higher Education.
  • Certificate of Achievement: Ms Barbara White, Ms Hiroko Ohashi, Mr Michael Matuszynski, Ms Xiaowen Fan, Dr Yi Jin, Mr Zhihua Yao (School of Global Studies, Social Science and Planning)
  • Certificate of Achievement: Mr Nevil Schultz (School of Life and Physical Sciences)

TAFE Initiative of the Year

  • Mr Alain Grossbard (School of Business TAFE)
    For fostering student learning and constructive engagement in real-life industry situations through the creation of a nexus between teaching, work integrated learning and industry related practices in a range of disciplines within the TAFE Business School.

Category C: Scholarship Of Teaching And Learning

  • Certificate of Achievement: Ms Madeleine Shanahan (School of Medical Sciences)

Category D: Outstanding Sessional Teaching Award

  • Mr Arthur Shelley (Graduate School of Business)
    For commitment to improve professional standards by leveraging my industry and educational roles and providing engaging opportunities to develop up-to-date and relevant skills in Knowledge Management and Business Practice.
  • Certificate of Achievement: Mr Paul Foulstone (School of Medical Sciences)

Category P: Programs That Enhance Student Learning

The First Year Experience

  • Ms Belinda Johnson, Mr Chris Davies, Ms Cathryn Kriewaldt (School of Global Studies, Social Science and Planning)
    For an active and ongoing commitment to enhancing the first year experience of diverse cohorts in a large interdisciplinary foundational year through a range of integrated measures.
  • Certificate of Achievement: Dr Paul Myers, Dr Daryll Cahill, Ms Sonia Magdziarz, Ms Joan Pagonis (School of Accounting and Law), Ms Lila Kemlo (Academic Development Group, College of Business)

Assessment and Feedback

  • AWARDED TO: Dr Mahesh Joshi (School of Accounting and Law)
    For sustained commitment to enhance deep and collaborative learning that promotes student understanding and application of professional Accounting standards.

Flexible Teaching and Learning

  • Dr Heather Pisani, Dr Tom Molyneux, Ms Cathy Leahy (School of Health Sciences), Dr Richard Guy, Dr Peter Rich, Mr Giovanni Mandarano (School of Medical Sciences)
    For an innovative self paced tool to support student learning and knowledge evaluation across various health and medical sciences disciplines for learning requirements of difficult concepts.
  • Certificate of Achievement: Ms Kathy Douglas (School of Accounting and Law)

Services Supporting Student Learning

  • Ms Lila Kemlo, Ms Heather Bigelow, Ms Shrupty Desai, Ms Camella Chiang (ADG, Office of PVC Business), Dr Ulas Gezgin (RMIT International University Vietnam)
    For the development of a whole college peer mentoring program that supports first year and commencing students in their academic learning and transition into tertiary education at RMIT.
  • Certificate of Achievement: Ms Baia Tsakouridou (School of Education: English and Further Study programs)
  • Certificate of Achievement: Mr Arthur Adamopoulos, Mr Vince Bruno, Dr Christopher Cheong, Dr Martin Dick, Mr Stas Lukaitis, Mr Ian Searle, Professor Ross Smith (School of Business Information Technology), Mr Martin Kelly (Student Services – Disability Liaison)