Learning and Teaching Investment Fund 2013

Project Title

Inverting the curriculum: Using design as a catalyst for engaging students in creative business information systems (IS) problem solving

Project Leader

Associate Professor Joan Richardson

Project Team

  • Dr Ross Smith
  • Ann Petts
  • Judy Tolson

Project Summary

This project builds upon the notion of ‘Inverting the Curriculum’. According to this, classroom time should be focused upon student/staff interaction/collaboration, with resources to provide domain knowledge and feedback on learning accessed by students, as needed, in and out of class. The Business Computing common core course will be reconceptualised, to focus upon application of business IT to the design of creative business problem solutions. Exploiting established links to Pearson Education and their emerging iBook technology, redesigned teaching resource structures/presentation/dissemination approaches will be delivered via the cloud. These will also take advantage of RMIT’s new ‘Project’ learning spaces (Building 80). How this facilitates teaching via student-student and student-staff collaboration to build students’ design thinking’ skills when creating solutions to business problems, rather than explicit teaching of Business IT domain content, will be evaluated. An iBook prototype will be delivered, extending our understanding of traditional text-books, multimedia resource libraries and e-texts.

Download full report [PDF, 2.95 MB, 47 pages]