Research Integrity, Governance and Systems

About Research Integrity, Governance and Systems

The Research Integrity and Governance team supports best practice research at RMIT in line with the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research.

The team works with a number of institutional committees to ensure effective research integrity and research governance practices are implemented across RMIT.


  • Work with University leaders to implement and promote an effective research governance framework.
  • Work closely with RMIT institutional committees regarding research integrity and governance practices including Research Integrity, Human Research Ethics, Animal Ethics and Genetically Modified Organisms
  • Support Research Integrity and act as the first point of contact for dealing with allegations of research misconduct
  • Provide support and advice for RMIT Research Integrity Advisors in their role of advising people who are considering making an allegation of research misconduct
  • Liaise with government departments regarding research integrity and governance to ensure that RMIT research adheres to current government rules and regulations.
  • Continuously improve systems and processes to support and report on University research activity
  • Conduct benchmarking of research activity and support the development of international key performance indicators for research
  • Maintain and review appropriate management information systems for capturing and reporting on research performance
  • Report on University research output to external agencies, including relevant Federal Government Departments, the Australian Bureau of Statistics; the Australian Technology Network (ATN) and the Australian Universities Quality Agency/Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA)
  • Coordinate the implementation of Government initiatives related to research, such as the ERA initiative (Excellence in Research in Australia)
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