RMIT aims for a website that is accessible to the widest possible audience.

Customise your experience

You may get the best experience of this and other websites by customising your computer to meet your needs. The BBC My Web, My Way website provides guides about using accessibility features of your computer or installing assistive tools to improve how websites work for you.

RMIT provides its students and staff a range of assistive software for use on RMIT computers. These can be requested through IT Service Desk.

Known issues

The WIL InPlace software does not currently meet web accessibility standards. RMIT is working with the software manufacturer to resolve these issues.

For assistance to complete WIL tasks please email the WIL Support Team,


  • Sessions have a time limit of 10 minutes for students and 60 minutes for RMIT staff, that expires without warning.
  • Errors in the underlying page code means that some web browsers may not render pages correctly.


  • The main navigation menu cannot be operated by keyboard, so some parts of the system (including Help) will be unavailable to some people.
  • The only way to reach each section's landing page is via the main navigation menu.
  • There is no 'skip to content' way to bypass blocks of repeated content.
  • On some pages it is not clear what a hyperlink is pointing to, or what will happen when that link is selected.
  • Focus is not always visible, so it may be difficult to determine your location on a page.


Forms may be difficult to complete because:

  • input fields are not labelled correctly
  • some required fields are not identified
  • error messages do not highlight what fields need to be corrected
  • error messages and instructions in popup windows may not be available to some people
  • fieldsets used to group form items are missing legends.

Popup windows

The system relies heavily on pop-up windows to present content, however:

  • some popup windows cannot be accessed by keyboard
  • when popup windows are accessed by keyboard, it is not possible to close or move away from the popup window
  • page content will be presented out of logical sequence.

Understanding page content

  • Some colour combinations make it difficult to read text on the page.
  • Tables do not have captions, and some tables used for layout may be confusing.
  • Formatting emphasis and spacing is untidy.
  • Some images and complex graphs are missing equivalent text alternatives, and rely on colour for meaning.
  • Page headings (or lack of headings) may be confusing.

Reporting problems

To report a problem you have using this website, please email This will help us make improvements. Use this guide to contacting organisations about inaccessible websites for what information to include in your feedback.

More information

RMIT’s Web Accessibility Policy guides RMIT staff on how to create and maintain accessible websites.

June 2014

InPlace WIL system

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