Management of progressive assessment marks during the semester (Vietnam) instruction

Instruction statement

This instruction defines a consistent method of entering and managing progressive marks for courses at RMIT Vietnam during each teaching period. The instruction applies to all higher education and concurrent English program courses offered through RMIT Vietnam.


Accurate reporting of course results requires defined processes to ensure the integrity of progressive marks storage and management to:

  • Minimise the number of errors across courses and classes
  • Ensure safe storage of progressive results in a centralised location throughout each teaching period
  • Minimise the number of staff handling marks entry, storage, and management
  • Facilitate timely and convenient access to progressive results
  • Have a system for identifying and tracking when progressive results are entered and to encourage better compliance with assessment principles by enabling early identification of courses or classes where results have not been provided within the prescribed periods
  • Provide a centralised system of archiving progressive results for each period of study.


This instruction does not apply to:

  • programs and courses at locations other than RMIT Vietnam
  • Academic English programs and non-award programs

This instruction does not attempt to address RMIT College guidelines for managing the assessment cycle.

Instruction (including key points)



1. Departments implement processes necessary to ensure compliance with this instruction.

1.1. Course leaders / Campus Course Coordinators ensure teaching staff follow approved and documented processes for:

    1.1.1. Entering results into Grade Centre

    1.1.2. Monitoring the timing of results entry and any missing results.

1.2. Heads of Department have overall responsibility for monitoring results entry process across their areas and ensuring marks are entered in accordance with this instruction and RMIT policy.

1.2.1. Departments implement a process to identify and correct errors in management or transfer of marks.



2. Progressive assessment marks are stored in Blackboard Grade Centre during the teaching period. No other form of storage is used.

2.1 Course leaders / Campus Course Coordinators set up Blackboard Grade Centre to enter progressive results for individual course assessments through the teaching period.

2.2. LTU /eLearning Development Group trains new staff and new course leaders / Campus Course Coordinators to properly set up Grade Centre for marks management.

2.3. Teaching staff are responsible for entry of results into Grade Centre for the assessment pieces they mark.

    2.3.1.This task is not delegated or reassigned unless the staff doing the marking are unable to do so due to illness or other extenuating circumstance.

    2.3.2. Non-teaching staff do not enter progressive marks.




Weeks 16/17 of prior semester.

Weeks 16/17 of prior semester.

Ongoing throughout the semester.

3. Weighting / summing of progressive assessment marks to calculate the final course result is completed using Blackboard Grade Centre.

3.1. preadsheets are not used to calculate results from assessment marks.

3.2. Progressive marks are not transferred between staff (e.g., using email, shared documents, or files in network drives); all staff work within Grade Centre to enter and moderate marks.


Week 15

4. Progressive marks are returned to students in a timely and secure manner.

4.1. Marks are returned, where possible, using the Blackboard My Grades tool. This does not preclude returning marks to students using other means as well.

4.2. Results are entered as soon as practicable following marking for each assessment item, and in any case within two weeks of the assessment date.


Ongoing throughout the semester.

5. At the end of each teaching period and before the date for publication of results, course leaders / Campus Course Coordinators transfer course results and progressive marks from Grade Centre to SRS.

5.1. The transfer process includes some form of double-checking to ensure transfer results are correct.

5.2. Where results have been uploaded to SRS but are amended further in Grade Centre, the course leader / Campus Course Coordinator repeats the transfer process or makes the changes manually, directly into SRS.

5.3. After marking and moderation are complete, results will no longer be able to be amended in Grade Centre or transferred to SRS.

5.4. Following publication of results, progressive marks for the previous teaching period will be archived in SRS. Course leaders / Course Coordinators can access the archive through SRS.


Week 16

6. This instruction mandates the use of Blackboard Grade Centre for the storage and transfer of progressive marks during the semester. During the semester, the use of spreadsheets is permitted (only) for:

6.1. Short-term processes directly connected to marking (e.g., subtotalling a marking guide)

6.2. Return of results (e.g., using mail merge to return feedback)

6.3. Compilation of required course reports (although it is recommended to use SRS data instead).


Ongoing throughout the semester.

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