Teaching practice

We provide resources, one-on-one support and facilitated group information sessions for new teaching staff, and experienced academics looking at adopting new practices.

The College of Business, Academic Development Group is able to assist staff in using and developing these teaching practices.

See also Learning and teaching, teaching practices

Examples of good teaching from the College of Business

High achieving teaching staff talk about their teaching practice in relation to the good teaching questions in the Course Experience Survey

Designing excellence – Examples of good teaching practice

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Graded Assessment Model

The School of Vocational Business Education has adopted the WA Graded Assessment model for grading student assessments. This site provides instructions on how to use this model plus the documents required for recording grades and providing feedback to students.

WA Graded Assessment Model

Contact: Pauline Porcaro

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Inclusive teaching

The inclusive teaching website provides educators with guidance and resources to effectively integrate an inclusive teaching approach into their practice.

Inclusive teaching at RMIT

Contact: Sathiya Gopal

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Perspectives on learning & teaching

This resource provides video stories of practical examples of good teaching practice. The short videos are designed for ‘just in time’ access by new and sessional staff.


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Sessional staff guide to learning & teaching

This guide to learning and teaching is for sessional staff in RMIT’s College of Business. It provides you with information and curated links to resources to support your teaching practice at RMIT University. The material in this guide draws broadly on various resources supporting sessional staff, but does not include references to administrative and operational matters related to your employment at RMIT University.

College of Business Sessional staff guide to learning & teaching

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Transnational teaching quick guides

The Quick Guides provide an introduction to transnational teaching at RMIT University. They are designed to address the professional development needs of academic and teaching staff engaged in the design, delivery and evaluation of RMIT courses and programs in onshore and offshore locations.

Transnational Teaching Quick Guides

Contact: Tass Katsoulidis

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Understanding and improving CES/CEQ results

See also Performance Analysis / CES Analysis Project

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