Successful funding

The Research Office provides services relating to the management of successful research projects. These include: managing competitive research funding acceptance processes and post-award administration of research funding; overseeing the recording of funding data in ResearchMaster, including milestones; creating research internal orders and reporting on RMIT’s performance in attracting research funding. The Research Grants and Contracts team provide these services.

Further information and resources are available at funding my research.

3.1. Manage competitive research funding acceptance processes

  • Provide advice to successful applicants on how to accept their funding offers and the next steps to take
  • Manage the review, negotiation and execution of all funding agreements, multi-institutional agreement and sub-agreements relating to competitive research grants
  • Negotiate amendments to draft agreements with funding body, where necessary
  • Facilitate the endorsement of funding agreements by DVC(R&I) and submit to funding body.

3.2. Create and open new research accounts

  • Facilitate the creation of new research accounts (WBSes);
  • Ensure that all ethics approvals and compliances have been obtained
  • Advise chief investigator, School and College when research account is open and provide link to new project record on MyResearch@RMIT.

3.3. Manage the administration of external research funding

  • Record and maintain research funding data on Research Master and ensure that all project milestones are recorded as per the fully executed contract/funding agreement
  • Monitor researcher compliance with contract/funding agreements and remind researchers and finance officers of upcoming and overdue milestones
  • Escalate milestone non-compliance to Dean or Head of School and submit regular reports of non-compliance to DVC’s Executive Committee
  • Collect and submit progress/final reports to funding bodies;
  • Facilitate the review and approval of variations to current funding agreements, eg extensions, transfers and change of chief investigators
  • Monitor upcoming invoices due and ensure that data on Research Master is accurate and current
  • Close down completed projects.

3.4. Performance Reporting - research grants

  • Analyse and report on RMIT’s performance in attracting competitive, industry, international, philanthropic grant funding to DVC R&I
  • Report significant successes to DVC.