18 September 2013

ITS takes elections online

The new ITS BigPulse online election tool transforms the election process at RMIT.

It considerably cuts down on the implementation process and time required for elections and eliminating the need for manual or paper based work. All areas across the University can use this tool for their election process.

A simplified election process

Voters simply identify the electorate, fill in two forms – one for nominations and one for the election process; and send it to BigPulse. Voters are emailed a link, which takes them to an online form with simple numbered voting options to select, press submit and send. The nomination and election process is then fully managed online.

This tool also has fantastic features for Election Managers. Detailed reporting on the outcomes is sent back to Election managers and it also provides full auditable data. Extra functionality is also available to enable management of elections and receive all reporting.

The first election conducted through BigPulse saw the Election Manager receiving more responses on the first day than in the total period in previous elections!

Transforming the implementation process for elections, providing a consistent process and ensuring compliance - ITS BigPulse is on the pulse in ensuring elections run smoothly at RMIT.

Source: Elissa Cartlidge, Information Technology Services