Richard A O'Sullivan


School /
Work Unit

Applied Sciences, School of 2

Contact Details

+61 3 9925 3389


Building: 14
Level: 5
Room: 14

City campus


Unknown Faculty


B Sc (Melbourne), PhD (Melbourne)

Teaching/Work responsibilities

  • PhD supervision

Research Interests

  • Self-organizing systems and nonlinear dynamics
  • Non-linear optical properties of ferroelectric crystals and ceramics and thermochromic liquids, including optical bistability, self-focusing, spontaneous oscillations, symmetry breaking and self-organizing diffraction gratings

Research Projects, Consultancy and Student Project

Thermal focusing and optical bistability in ferroelectrics and thermochromic liquids, PhD project


Journal Articles

(Most recent)

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  2. “Thermal focusing and optical bistability in ferroelectrics”, R.A. O'Sullivan, K.W. McGregor and J.F. Scott, Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 13 (2001) R195-R234.
  3. “Mechanisms for optical oscillations in ferroelectric films”, R.A. O'Sullivan, K.W. McGregor, O. Gredeskoul and J.F. Scott, Journal of the European Ceramic Society 21 (2001) 1625-1628.
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