PhD Scholarship in Additive Manufacturing of Advanced Polymeric Materials

If you have an interest in additive manufacturing and developing advanced polymeric materials for high performance applications required for aerospace, this scholarship can provide you with financial assistance.

Value and duration

This scholarship is valued at up to $30,000 per annum for up to 3.5 years (2017-2020).

If you have an Australian Postgraduate Award (APA) or equivalent scholarship, this scholarship may be offered as a top-up scholarship to the value of up to $12,000 per annum.

Number of scholarships available



To be eligible for this scholarship you must:

  • be an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or a self-funded international student
  • have a first class honours or 2a honours or equivalent in a relevant discipline of science or engineering
  • provide evidence of good oral and written communication skills
  • demonstrate ability to work as part of a multi-disciplinary research team
  • meet RMIT’s entry requirements for the Doctor of Philosophy.

How to apply

Please contact Professor Stuart Bateman.

Open date

Applications now open.

Close date

Applications will close when a candidate is selected.

Terms and conditions

Read the Research Scholarship Terms and Conditions (PDF 327kb, 10p).

Further info

Additive manufacturing represents somewhat of a revolution in the manufacturing sector. Not only does it provide a technique to build unique, efficient and even functionally responsive products one layer at a time, but also the potential to directly transform our ‘digitally captured’ imagination into its corresponding physical form, as mentioned in Focus edition 195 pages 8 and 9.

To this point the widespread uptake of polymer based additive manufacturing for high performance applications such as that required for aerospace applications is limited. Not only is there a lack of high performance material options available but a comparatively poor understanding over how the input materials inherent properties link with the design and process parameters employed during the additive manufacturing process to define the ultimate product’s performance.

This PhD project will conduct research in the development of advanced and functional materials for use in polymer based additive manufacturing. It will study the relationships between the input materials inherent properties to that of the additively manufactured product, considering process parameters and design utilising RMIT’s state of the art facilities housed in its Advanced Manufacturing Precinct and Characterization Centres.

A key output of the project will be the development of fundamental principles to assist in the design and manufacture of high performance and functional polymeric based products where the materials system employed not only provide a structural form but one which can functionally respond to an input stimulus.


Please contact Professor Stuart Bateman.