Learning and Teaching Investment Fund 2009

Summary of Projects

Project Title

Online Delivery with Work Integrated Learning Simulation

Project Leaders

Grant Emerson

Project Summary

This project involved the conversion of a minimum of two courses within the B. App. Science programs (Fashion, Textile Technology and Merchandising) to be adapted for online learning with WIL simulation and problem solving. Implementation was in first semester 2010.

The courses revolve around a fictional fashion business called ‘Stitched Up’. Students are informed in the first lecture that they have just started a new job at Stitched Up and will be expected to perform tasks for the business each week. These tasks will be based on the lecture material for the week and will be the assessment pieces for the semester.

To maximise student engagement the courses will be taught in chronological order, with each week’s lesson and activity a prerequisite for the next weeks topic. Online delivery lends itself well to this course structure as students can view the video lectures and assessment tasks at any time during that week.


  • Development of online delivery for a minimum of two courses within the B. App. Sci. program (including course material, feedback mechanisms and assessment). The courses are Applied Management (BUSM3150), and Supply Chain Management (BUSM3149).
  • Development of an online WIL component within each course.
  • Development of online problem solving activities within each course.
  • Identification of specific strategies for an effective student experience (using video, podcasts, wikis, internet, email and, ongoing feedback mechanisms).
  • The option of online delivery into our offshore Sri Lankan program in 2010 for B. App Sci (Textile Technology).
  • A model including architecture, resources and materials for online WIL and learning and teaching problem solving capability, that can inform and be utilised by other colleges and schools across the University.
  • An improved student learning experience as measured by CES data and student feedback.

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