Communication with current students policy


To affirm that the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education) (DVC (Education)) has responsibility for University communication with current students. This includes all University communication pertaining to admission, enrolment, student support, results, awards and graduation.


1. Current students receive authoritative and accurate information from the University in a timely fashion

2. Current students have a clear expectation about the source of authoritative information from the University

3. Current students are not confused by the receipt of conflicting information from a range of sources

4. All staff have a clear understanding of their responsibilities in communication with students

5. All staff have a clear appreciation of the importance of communications in the delivery of a client-focused service to all students.


This policy is applicable to all official University communication with current students.


1. Communications to students from the Vice-Chancellor

2. Communications from International and Development to international onshore students regarding admission, enrolment and visa compliance

3. Communications to students on the two Vietnam campuses

4. Communications about program and course specific information and materials from colleges and schools

5. Communications to students enrolled in RMIT Training programs

6. Communications to students from Information Technology Services regarding IT services and system outages

7. Communications to students by Engagement for crisis communication

Policy provisions

All official University communications to onshore current students are authorised by the DVC (Education), Academic Registrar and the Dean of Students when/as authorised by the DVC (Education).

Current students are those who have a current enrolment in programs delivered in Australia, via Open Universities Australia and with partners outside Australia, including those on approved leave of absence:

  • TAFE, including preparatory
  • Undergraduate coursework
  • Postgraduate coursework
  • Postgraduate research
  • non-award students

It is expected that all official student communication for RMIT core channels is appropriately authorised; contains correct and consistent information; and provides timely and helpful information and advice.

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