10 September 2015

Keeping staff aware and alert

To combat the increasing prevalence of online threats, ITS has been strengthening the password rules for service accounts and raising awareness of cyber security through education.

This month we’ve taken a novel approach and begun sending ‘fake phishing’ emails to randomly selected RMIT staff. They’re the kind of malicious emails that trick you into divulging personal details or downloading harmful software without your knowledge. Staff who don’t recognise the scam and click the link, are presented with a short video containing tips on how to stay protected in the future.

Although we’re less than half way through the campaign, the early results are showing around 30% of staff are being taken in by the scam. The good news is that those staff who are caught out are receiving immediate and relevant security awareness advice.

Remember to keep an eye on your inbox to see if you’ll be tested. We’ll let you know the full results at the end of the campaign.