Learning and Teaching Investment Fund 2013

Project Title

A Science Capstone: Developing, evidencing and measuring graduate attributes through the In2science peer mentoring experience

Project Leader

Ms Kristy Dean

Project Team

  • Dr. Robyn McCormick
  • Megan Mundy
  • Dr. Kylie Murphy
  • Dr. Tricia McLaughlin

Project Summary

In2science is a successful Maths and Science Initiative involving 6 Universities across Victoria. It is a peer mentoring programme that has been conducted successfully at RMIT for 6 years. In2science at RMIT places science, engineering and health undergraduates as mentors in primary and secondary schools. The programme has been particularly successful at attracting low SES and under-represented cohorts of students into science, engineering and health degrees at RMIT.

The new regulatory legislation of the Tertiary Education Standards Agency (TEQSA) Act and the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) will require universities to evidence that students have acquired the learning outcomes of a program commensurate with its AQF level. One way of achieving this is through “capstone” experiences. This project can provide a “Capstone experience” that will efficiently and effectively provide this evidence. By building upon the success of the In2science mentoring and evaluating the impact of 20 students’ experiences against the graduate attributes of one (pilot) programme in Environmental Science, this project can meet both university needs for TEQSA evidence and enhance the student experience through greater satisfaction and professionally connected outcomes.

Download full report [PDF, 289 KB, 6 pages]