11 November 2016

Global Dialogue Series continues

RMIT’s Global Development Portfolio continued its Global Dialogue Series in October with two key events: a dynamic presentation and an interactive workshop.

Global Dialogue Series Diversity and Inclusion presentation

From left to right: Professor Andrew MacIntyre, Professor Xinghuo Yu, Professor Gael McDonald, Mr Mohammad Taha, Ms Zyrha Iranzo and Dr Loren Miller.

The series, organised by the Global Relations Team, began with the launch of the Diversity and Inclusion Framework and a discussion on accelerating cultural inclusion.

The Framework sets out the University’s commitment to welcome students and staff from diverse backgrounds, honour the identity and knowledge of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander nations and be an accessible and open institution.

A key focus of the Framework is cultural inclusion, which recognises that ancestral, cultural, linguistic, ethnic or religious differences between people should be celebrated and harnessed to create a truly diverse and inclusive community.

A wide range of speakers, drawn from RMIT’s senior executive group and student body, provided opinions on RMIT’s responsibility to support cultural inclusion, issues that culturally and linguistically diverse staff and students face, recent successes and achievements and RMIT’s plans to improve cultural inclusion.

Photos from the event can be viewed here.

The Future of Innovation and

The Future of Innovation and Internalisation interactive workshop

The day continued with a facilitated ‘stand-up’ workshop chaired by Professor Christopher Ziguras, Deputy Dean, International, School of Global Urban and Social Studies, RMIT University and President, International Education Association of Australia.

The workshop saw senior leaders from Ryerson University, Canada and RMIT University – two like-minded and progressive institutions – gather in the green brain where they showcased innovative ways of using technology to deliver the strategic promise of preparing students for life and work.

Professor Marion Coomey, Ryerson University, and Dr Ian Peake, Manager of the Virtual Experiences Laboratory, RMIT University, presented the successes and challenges of their international engagement work, with a focus on the application of technology and allowing participants to contribute to the international education agenda through a stimulating, issues-based discussion.

A master class poster session facilitated by Sally Parrott followed the showcase which featured in-flight case studies presented by expert practitioners from across RMIT’s global footprint. Among these case studies included the launch of two key initiatives:

  • RMIT’s COIL Collaboration
  • Futurelearn MOOC “Designing the Future”

Attendees contributed to the discussion by offering solutions on how to uplift the case studies and apply them to new contexts.

Photos from the event can be viewed here.