Our people

The Academic Registrar’s Group (ARG) employs more than 170 staff responsible for delivering academic policies, systems and services that support teaching, learning and research within a quality management framework.

The Office of the Academic Registrar leads and supports the ARG’s key work areas by providing expertise in academic planning, project management, finance and communications.

Key work areas

  • Student administration - responsible for the central student administrative functions of the University and supports the academic portfolios in the delivery of quality administration.
  • Student systems and processes - provides systems support to business processes, including help with configuration, compliance and documentation.
  • Academic policy and governance - responsible for policy development, interpretation and implementation, including assessment support and management of University complaints.

Contact the Office of the Academic Registrar

Vicki Chisholm

Administrative Officer

Office of the Academic Registrar

RMIT University

Building 88, Level 8, Room 1

City campus

Phone: +61 3 9925 8609

Email: vicki.chisholm@rmit.edu.au