Reading List Linking Service FAQs

If you cannot find answers to your questions here, contact the Reading List Linking Service staff.

How long does it take to process a request?

It should take 3-5 working days to process your request. This is dependant on the Linking Service receiving full citations in your reading list. Once your request is received, it will be placed in a priority order.

Once I have received my URLs, how do I create a link from my online course to online document?

You can link directly from your online course materials in Canvas to the full text article. Standard referencing should be included as part of the link to the work. Below is an example of a reference with a corresponding URL:

Townsley, N.C. Review article: looking back, looking forward, mapping the gendered theories, voices, and politics of organization, Organization. vol.10, no.3, 2003. P.617-639.

Canvas provides a variety of ways to add these links, including the ‘add External link’ option or an option to upload a MS Word file. Please note: to ensure that links are meaningful, where possible, hyperlink the title of the article not its URL (as per above example).

Which journals can I link to?

Important change for linking to Harvard Business Review (2010)

Due to a change in our licence, we are no longer able to link directly to Harvard Business Review (HBR) articles from Canvas, or other course software. All HBR articles must be added to our eReserve collection first. Once an article is loaded into eReserve, you can then add a link to your online course.

We can create links to most of the full text online resources we subscribe to.

You can access our A-Z journal list from LibrarySearch.

If the article is not available in our online resources, we will scan it and add it to eReserve. It has to comply with the limits of the Part VB Statutory Licence Scheme. We will also provide you with a URL.

How do request links for my reading list?

Complete the request form. You will be able to attach your reading list to the form.

Alternatively, you may email your reading list as an attachment to Include the course code, number of students and whether they are internal or external in the body of the e-mail.

Does it matter what referencing style I’ve used?

It is your choice, no particular style is required; however, we do need enough information to identify the article you wish to link to, such as:

  • author of article
  • title of article
  • title of journal
  • date
  • volume
  • issue and start page

Can I just download the articles and upload them to Canvas for students to access them?

No, the online resources that we subscribe to are used under a licence agreement. In most cases, vendors do not allow materials to be uploaded to platforms such as Canvas. Vendors encourage each usage of an item to be registered as a hit. Linking to a document fulfils this requirement, as long as the publisher or vendor permits it.

Can I link to websites from the Canvas?

In some circumstances, linking to websites from the Canvas is allowed; all links to external sites must open in a new browser window to ensure framing does not occur. Provide a warning that a new window will open to avoid confusing students. A common practice is to add ‘(opens in a new window’) to the link text. Canvas provides an option to open links in a new browser window.

Make sure that website owner does not prohibit linking to their website.