Staff Visiting City Campus: Booking a City Visitor Parking Bay

City Visitor Parking Bays are for RMIT staff members who are based at Bundoora and Brunswick and are required to visit the City campus for work-related matters.

Booking a City Visitor Parking Bay will provide visiting staff with a convenient place to park their car while at the City campus.

The following are instructions for booking a City Visitor Parking Bay.

How to book a City Visitor Parking Bay

Five bays in the Building 94.1.225 garage on the City campus have been designated as an RMIT Visiting Staff parking zone.

These bays are reserved for Bundoora and Brunswick based staff who are required to visit the City campus on an ad-hoc basis.

In order to be granted access to the City Visitor Parking Bay, staff are required to book a bay through Google Calendar and obtain an access card for the boom gate. Bookings should be made 24 hours in advance. If a parking bay is no longer required, bookings must be cancelled in Google Calendar.

Make a booking

  • In Google, open your calendar and Edit Event
  • In the Event Title field, type your name and mobile phone contact number
  • Use Add Rooms etc facility to select one of the following bays:
    • B094-01-Carpark-RSC-PS-CY-Visitor.Park.Bay-235
    • B094-01-Carpark-RSC-PS-CY-Visitor.Park.Bay-236
    • B094-01-Carpark-RSC-PS-CY-Visitor.Park.Bay-237
    • B094-01-Carpark-RSC-PS-CY-Visitor.Park.Bay-238
    • B094-01-Carpark-RSC-PS-CY-Visitor.Park.Bay-239
  • If the bay is available, select the start stop time of your reservation to cover the time of your meeting only. 'All day' bookings are not accepted.
  • Once a booking is confirmed, users are required to obtain a temporary parking permit and an access card (for the Building 94 boom gate).
  • Collect a temporary parking permit and an access card from one of the following parking administration locations. An access card may only be picked up the day of your booking and must be dropped off immediately after. Cards are not to be held onto the day before or after.

Parking administration locations

Vehicles parked without an authorised booking will be issued with a Parking Infringement Notice and fine. Users of the Building 94 City Visitor Parking Bays can only park in bays numbered 235-239. Parking is not permitted in any other bay in the garage.

Building 94 parking map

View the Building 94 parking map.

  • Users must return the access card and permit to the parking administrator within two working days after its use. Must return on the day where possible or otherwise within 24 hours.
  • Permits and cards must be returned to the same parking administrator who originally issued it. Property Services will deny future bookings from staff who fail to return their loaned access card in a timely manner.
  • Lost cards incur a $20 replacement fee.
  • Permits and cards must not be loaned to other drivers.
  • If you arrive at the garage and there are no Visitor Bays available you must park off campus and immediately notify the Parking Administrator on extension 52797 or by email to Cars parked without proper authority will receive a Parking Infringement Notice.
  • You must cancel any booking that is no longer needed. Staff who book a space without using it may lose their booking rights to the Visitor Parking Bays.

Use of the RMIT Visitor Parking Bays is conditional on the RMIT Parking Policy and Procedures found at:


If Bundoora or Brunswick staff are required to work on the City campus on a frequent basis (ie. weekly) or for more than two consecutive days, an alternative parking arrangement must be established.

Staff/vehicles with an assigned City campus parking bay are not permitted to use the Building 94 visiting staff car park bays.

City-based staff, including those who work in Buildings 94, are not eligible to park at the site.

Students are not eligible to park on the City campus.

You are encouraged to review these documents before use of the RMIT visitor parking bays. Parking Policy & Procedures

Any queries, please email