26 May 2014

Travis Lacy, Exchange from Danish School of Media and Journalism, Denmark

At RMIT, Travis found he had both competent teachers and great new equipment to help him with his studies.

“By the end of the semester you will have made friendships that you cherish for the rest of your life. So what are you waiting for? Get going already!”

Home Institution: Danish School of Media and Journalism
Home Degree/ Program: Communications and Media
Global Program: Exchange, Semester 2 2014

It takes a lot to live up to being the most livable city in the world, however with events always going on in Melbourne in particular festivals, great nightlife, bars, pubs, live music and clubbing, Travis thought it well and truly did. Having been to Australia before several times, he says one of the reasons why he keeps coming back is the beauty of Australia and the people here.

Noting that some students may be afraid to leave their bases and homes, Travis felt like RMIT did a really good job at helping everyone settle in. After the orientation week he got to meet and form friendships with other exchange students. To Travis, RMIT was a massive university, which he really enjoyed as it meant there were many courses that he could take, with many options to study something new that he wouldn’t have been able to at his home institution. He thinks any student who has the opportunity to go on exchange should because “you will get a different take on your line of study, make friendships across borders, get to know a new culture and become more attractive for future employers.”

 Travis Lacy

Travis Lacy