Quick Placement Test (QPT)

English language requirements

All applications must be submitted with an English proficiency test result unless the student has studied at an institution where English is the medium of instruction.

See the entry requirements information on the website for full details of English language requirements.

When ELICOS programs are required for entry into a program, the number of weeks of ELICOS study is determined by RMIT (based on an IELTS, TOEFL score) and/or RMIT English Worldwide (based on REW Quick Placement Test).

Students who do not have proof of English

If the student does not have proof of English proficiency, they must undertake the Quick Placement Test (QPT).

The QPT test ensures that the student’s level of English is correctly assessed and that the student is offered the correct duration of English study.

Please note QPT results are valid for up to 12 months prior to student commencing the ELICOS program.

However, if the QPT results are more than 6 months old, REW reserves the right to retest all students when they commence the ELICOS program.

Representatives who are located in Melbourne should send their students to RMIT English Worldwide to take the test.

Representatives located outside of Melbourne can conduct the test themselves, unless prior arrangements have been made with REW.

How to conduct the Quick Placement Test

Read the instructions carefully prior to testing the student.

Students must take the test in strict examination conditions.

The QPT must be done

  • in a secure area
  • under supervision

You must not email this test to the student.

If the test is not conducted according to the instructions, this might cause unnecessary disruption, costs and inconvenience to the student.

In cases where the representative is deemed liable for such misdemeanor, commissions will not be payable and the privilege to conduct the test will be revoked.

If the student is not available to undertake the test in a supervised area, please contact REW to make alternative arrangements for the student.

All previous versions of the test and instructions must be disposed of responsibly.

Where to send the completed test

Submit completed tests and associated documents to REW: placement.test@rmit.edu.au

For more information contact: clientrelations@rmit.edu.au

How to get a copy of the QPT test

To get a copy of the test documents emailed to you, you will first need to enter your details including your representative number.

Request the QPT