13 May 2014

Yi Shuen Wong, Exchange to San Diego State University, USA

Yi Shuen had a stimulating, eye opening semester at San Diego State University, semester 2, 2013.

“Just enjoy the ride and the bumps along the way, and don't sweat the small stuff.”

RMIT Program: Bachelor of Communication (Media)

Global Program: Exchange

Destination: San Diego, USA

For two weeks before starting classes Yi Shuen travelled around the USA, seeing everything from Las Vegas, to the natural wonder in the Grand Canyon, to trendy San Francisco. When she arrived in San Diego, ready to continue tackling her media degree, she found her two advanced classes had a lot of freedom and independence. The intimate sized classes and her on campus accommodation were the best way to meet people, but the highlight of her semester was a group project. “For my Documentary Production class, my groupmates and I went camping in the desert one weekend, and travelled up to San Francisco the next. It was a lot of fun … we made a great documentary that we were all really proud of.” Yi Shuen also became involved in encouraging students to study at RMIT, and volunteered at a pre-departure session, speaking to students travelling to RMIT the following semester, and answering any questions they had.

San Diego Skyline

Image by exchange student Yi Shuen Wong