Information for partner organisations

Partners need to be made aware of their organisation’s role and responsibilities to students and the University during Work Integrated Learning (WIL). This ensures that student expectations are being managed, the WIL environment is safe and any legal obligations are being fulfilled.

Information should include such things as:

  • a brief description of the purpose and aims of the WIL activity
  • the learning outcomes for the WIL activity
  • contact details of the relevant RMIT WIL staff member
  • Intellectual Property and Insurance information
  • information regarding any supervision expectations
  • industry skills expected to be experienced during the WIL activity.

A comprehensive list of information to be provided is available in the Liaise with Partners Process Map.

Occupational Health and Safety for WIL

Host organisations have the primary duty of care to ensure the health and safety of students during their WIL activity. The University expects host organisations will have systems in place to reduce the risks to the health and safety of students undertaking WIL. Students must be made aware of the OHS information prior to commencement including:

  • the partner organisation’s health and safety policy and emergency procedures including contact names and numbers; and
  • the procedure for reporting accidents, incidents or hazards.

Written information on duty of care or OH&S must be provided to the partner organisation. This is to ensure that the activity complies with Health and Safety legislation.

Ensuring appropriate supervisor/mentors are assigned to the WIL activity

The Higher Education Support Act 2003 requires that students are supervised while undertaking WIL activities. For on-campus WIL this supervision may come from RMIT staff such as a course coordinator or may be an assigned supervisor from the partner organisation. For placements students they must be assigned a supervisor by the partner organisation who, where relevant, should have appropriate industry credentials.

For more information see the Liaise with Partners Process Map.