Work Integrated Learning abroad

RMIT Global Mobility

RMIT Global Mobility (GloMo) supports students interested in spending part of their RMIT degree in an approved overseas mobility activity (also referred to as an outbound student mobility program), including Work Integrated Learning (WIL) abroad.

It is a requirement for all RMIT students travelling overseas to register with GloMo through the online application portal, Mobi.

Why register?

Gain access the many benefits offered by GloMo, including comprehensive pre-departure support or briefing.

  • Be considered for an RMIT Global mobility grant. These grants are limited and are not guaranteed.
  • Receive free access to the e-learning module for travel and risk awareness. The module is designed to help lower the chance of a health or security issue happening while you are studying, living or travelling overseas.
  • Receive a mobility confirmation letter where applicable (eg, for submission to Centrelink to continue receiving allowances).

What happens after I register on Mobi?

  • Your registration will be reviewed by GloMo and if complete, your status in the system will be changed to 'Accepted by RMIT'.
  • You must agree to the terms and conditions of an outbound student mobility program (click on the “Commit” button).
  • You will be registered with International SOS to complete the e-learning module.
  • Once you have completed the e-learning module you must upload a copy of your certificate into Mobi.
  • You must enter the details of your travel including flight, passport and travel insurance information into Mobi.
  • If you have applied for an RMIT Global mobility grant, you will be notified of the funding outcome separately by the Global Mobility Scholarship Coordinator.

Travel Insurance

All students on outbound student mobility activity (including WIL) must be covered by adequate travel insurance. All travel insurance policies contain exclusions and conditions. Students should read all sections of their policy carefully, paying special attention to the general and specific exclusions in the policy and clauses. Further information is available on the Travel Insurance page.

Register with GloMo at least one month prior to departure. Registration includes instructions on how to advise GloMo of travel insurance details.

Travel and Risk awareness e-learning module

RMIT University partners with International SOS, the leading medical assistance, international healthcare and security assistance company.

The e-learning Travel and Risk Awareness module was developed through the combined expertise of International SOS and Control Risks. The course will teach you how to:

  1. reduce medical and security risks when travelling,
  2. respond to an issue, should it occur, and
  3. access the International SOS services available to you.

Use the generic RMIT member login: 12ACPA000012 and gain access to the latest travel and health advice pertaining to the host destination/s or country.

Financial Support Options

There is a range of funding available for Melbourne based students undertaking an outbound student mobility activity that is for academic credit within their RMIT program.