Staff contact details and staff profile

  1. How do I update my contact details (staff profile) on the web site?
  2. How do I change my preferred name on public University systems?
  3. How do I update my name on RMIT records following a legal name change?
  4. How do I remove my location or contact information from my staff profile?
  5. How do I extend my staff profile?
  6. How do I remove a staff profile?

How do I update my contact details (staff profile) on the web site?

Use the Request a Service portal to update your contact details.


  • Contact details that appear on the web come from the SAP system, the central repository of staff member information, used to pay staff and manage the University. It is not possible to change what appears on the web without having these changes made in SAP, using the process described above.
  • Contact details can be hidden in cases of privacy and safety concerns.
  • Please allow up to two weeks for changes to flow through to the web. In the event that a request is made for safety concerns, your request will be processed as quickly as possible.
  • If a staff profile document has been added to this page (additional information such as work responsibilities, research, etc.) check the document expiry date. If the staff profile document has expired, changes from SAP and the other internal systems will not be applied to that staff profile.

Staff Profile and Expiry Date

The expiry date of a staff profile document is shown on the metadata screen. See the link ‘Information about this document and its content’ in the page footer. Web publishers with rights to edit that staff profile can update the document expiry date.

If details have been updated in SAP and the other primary system, CADS, and the staff profile has not expired, please contact the IT Service Desk. Provide your name and staff number. Also state that your staff details are still incorrect despite the correct process having been followed. It is possible that a data error is preventing your details from being displayed correctly.

How do I change my preferred name on public University systems?

A preferred name may be your legally given name or a name by which you choose to be known. Staff may request a first and/or last name change on their RMIT staff profile at any time through HR Assist.

In cases where you would like to change your preferred first name on public University systems, it is not necessary to provide the reason, your e-number and request in writing from RMIT’s work e-mail address to HR Assist will be sufficient.

In cases where you would like to change your preferred last name on public University systems, you will be asked to provide the reason for the requested change.

With any preferred name change, you may need to provide additional information if extra measures need to be undertaken to ensure your safety. All information related to the name change will remain confidential.

Your legal name will remain unchanged on confidential internal documents and communications associated with employment, such as on payroll information, superannuation, Human Resources reports, when requesting a police check or Working with Children Check or other employment documents.

Reasons for changing your preferred name may include but are not limited to:

  • Preferring to go by a truncated name, such as a shortened version of your legally given name
  • Amending a former name while transitioning genders, for more information, please see Transitioning at RMIT
  • Preferring to go by a middle name
  • Changing your name for religious reasons
  • Significant safety concerns for yourself and/or your colleagues stemming from situations such as family violence or being the victim of other significant criminal behaviour, leading to ongoing fear of being located under your old name
  • Staff who wish to adopt another (e.g. “Anglicised”) first name in their interactions with the University and other students
  • A name you have taken up through a marriage or partnership (as your legal name) does not match your professional name under which you have built a career

Preferred names at RMIT must meet the guidelines of the Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration Act 1996. This excludes any names that are obscene or offensive, can’t be established by repute or usage and/or are contrary to public interest. Please see Births, Deaths and Marriages Victoria for more information on naming restrictions.

How do I update my name on RMIT records following a legal name change?

A staff member can request to change a legal first and/or last name within RMIT records through HR Assist.

In order to change your legal name on University records, you must provide a proof of identity in order to ensure a link between your former identity and new identity. You will not need to provide a reason for the amendment, aside from the fact that your name has been legally changed.

Proof of identity documents include:

  • A Birth Certificate (reverting back to birth name) if not already previously provided
  • A Passport
  • A Certificate of Marriage, issued by the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages
  • A Change of Name Certificate showing your name at birth and your new name, issued by the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages

Your name will be amended on all the University Systems, including public systems, payroll, tax and other internal systems associated with employment.

Reasons for amending your first and/or last name may involve a change of legal name of any kind, including:

  • A legal name change following gender transition
  • A legal last name change following a change in marital status (married, divorced, etc.)
  • A legal name change for religious reasons
  • Any other legal name change

How do I remove my location or contact information from my staff profile?

For privacy or safety reasons, staff may wish to remove their location, phone number or e-mail information from their staff profile. Requests to remove this information can be done at any time, for any reason, through the Service and Support Portal.

The University will need to keep your location on internal record for security and property service reasons. This information will be kept confidential.

How do I extend my staff profile?

While contact details are displayed automatically, staff can extend their staff profile to show research interests, resume, photograph, and other information as appropriate.

Contact your local web coordinator:

How do I remove a staff profile?

Sometimes the website will show staff profile documents for staff members that no longer work at RMIT.

When a staff member leaves RMIT, the correct process is to update your details in SAP. Once SAP is updated, this change will automatically flow through to the website, moving the staff profile into ‘Suspended’ status. Note: If SAP-generated staff profile documents are manually moved to ‘Suspended’ status but not adjusted in SAP, then SAP will make the document ‘Approved’ and visible again, at the next update.

The SAP-to-web process occurs weekly, every Thursday night. Updates are visible on Friday morning.

If a staff member was not in SAP (eg, staff with ‘x’ numbers) then their staff profile document must be manually moved to the ‘Suspended’ or ‘Deleted’ status.