Staff contact details and staff profile

  1. How do I update my contact details (staff profile) on the web site?
  2. How do I extend my staff profile?
  3. How do I remove a staff profile?

How do I update my contact details (staff profile) on the web site?

Use the Electronic Communications Amendment Form to update your contact details. Staff contact details are stored in the SAP system. Changes made in SAP are processed overnight on Thursdays, available on the website by Friday morning.

Casual and sessional staff should complete this form to receive a login account for the RMIT website. (Note: You’ll need to ask a colleague to complete this form on your behalf because it requires login.)


  • Contact details that appear on the web come from the SAP system. It is not possible to change what appears on the web without having these changes made in SAP, using the process described above.
  • Please allow two weeks for changes to flow through to the web.
  • If a staff profile document has been added to this page (additional information such as work responsibilities, research, etc.) check the document expiry date. If the staff profile document has expired, changes from SAP and CADS will NOT be applied to that staff profile.

Staff Profile and Expiry Date

The expiry date of a staff profile document is shown on the metadata screen. See the link ‘Information about this document and its content’ in the page footer. Web publishers with rights to edit that staff profile can update the document expiry date.

If details have been updated in SAP and CADS, and the staff profile has not expired, please contact the IT Service Desk. Provide your name and staff number. Also state that your staff details are still incorrect despite the correct process having been followed. It is possible that a data error is preventing your details from being displayed correctly.

Staff profile changes in 2015

Due to the launch of RMIT's new public website on 22 December 2014, a number of changes are being made to improve staff profiles. Read more about the changes.

How do I extend my staff profile?

While contact details are displayed automatically, staff can extend their staff profile to show research interests, resume, photograph, and other information as appropriate.

Contact your local web coordinator:

For non-academic areas, contact the IT Service Desk.

How do I remove a staff profile?

Sometimes the web site will show staff profile documents for staff members that no longer work at RMIT.

This is because staff profiles are generated from a variety of data sources. Generally, staff profiles for staff with ‘e’ numbers are generated by SAP; while staff with ‘x’ numbers have staff profiles generated by CADS.

When a staff member leaves RMIT, the correct process is to update their details in SAP. Once SAP is updated, this change will automatically flow through to the web site, moving the staff profile into ‘Suspended’ status. Note: If SAP-generated staff profile documents are manually moved to ‘Suspended’ status but not adjusted in SAP, then SAP will make the document ‘Approved’ and visible again, at the next update.

The SAP-to-web process occurs weekly, every Thursday night. Updates are visible on Friday morning.

If a staff member was not in SAP (eg, staff with ‘x’ numbers) then their staff profile document must be manually moved to the ‘Suspended’ or ‘Deleted’ status.