20 October 2015

A new way of working

The new ITS operating model has commenced operation.

It means we’ve moved from a traditional IT shop structure to one that now focuses on value streams and end-to-end accountability.

Although some positions in the structure are still being finalised, several new appointments have been made to the leadership team. Sinan Erbay has joined us as the Director of Technology for the University Operations value stream. David Priess has recently come on board as the Chief Technology Officer. And Tony Aramze will soon be starting as the Chief Information Security Officer.

Our Business Technology Partners (BTP’s) are an important contact point for business stakeholders. They provide an interface between ITS and the university portfolios and will help steer the strategic planning and execution of initiatives for delivery. Our BTP’s are:

  • Elissa Cartlidge - Learning, Teaching and Research
  • Jenny Cummins - Student Lifecycle
  • Jodie Black - University Operations

Find out more about the ITS structure.