YouTube videos

These are conditions for using YouTube videos in courses and presentations.

You must use videos from a legitimate publisher

Check if the video was uploaded by a company, institution, organisation or society (for example IEEE, Learn Petroleum Engineering, Real Engineering), or if it was published by a person who recorded the original content.

Tip: YouTube shows the name of the publisher under the video title:

The publisher is available under the video title.

You must play videos from the YouTube website

There is no blanket educational licence that allows you to download and clip YouTube videos. If you download any videos, you will be in breach of YouTube's Terms of Service.

Alternative sources of online videos

Source your videos from the Library's film and TV databases for use in learning and teaching. These collections are available on- and off-campus, and outside Australia. Many of the collections allow you to link and embed videos into online courses. You can also clip and save videos to play only selected sections. To find out more, go to the guides on linking and embedding videos, playlists and clips from the Library databases.

Copyright advice

Contact us for further information or advice on copyright. We can also check any YouTube videos to make sure they are legitimate videos.