Mr Kit Andrews


Business Development Manager

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Work Unit

Industry Business Development

Contact Details

+61 3 9925 0429


Building: 001
Level: 02
Room: 019

City campus


Engagement & Vocational Education

Background and Key Activities

Kit Andrews has a career in sales, marketing and project management in the graphics and imaging communications industry. He has worked mainly on behalf of German and Japanese companies in the UK and Australia with clients including major international and metropolitan newspapers, print media groups and large corporations.

Kit consulted with RMIT University International Centre of Graphic Technology to set up a business degree program in 2003 and assisted in the delivery of the program as a casual teacher while pursuing his corporate career. This led to Kit’s conversion from corporate industry to education on a full-time basis. Following a year of TAFE teaching in marketing, project management and leadership, he joined RMIT University as a Program Manager, Marketing in the Business TAFE School.

Kit transferred to a Business Development role with the Global Business Engagement unit and is now responsible for working with the colleges and schools across RMIT University to build industry relationships and generate workforce training, development and education solutions.

Kit holds a Masters in Business Administration, a Graduate Diploma of Education and Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. He is a member of the Australian Marketing Institute, a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Sales and Marketing, and is an Associate of the UK Chartered Institute of Marketing.