Glossary of terms

NAC: New Apprenticeship Centre, see also New Apprenticeship Centre.

National Office of Overseas Skills Recognition: A branch of DEST that provides information, advice and assistance in relation to the recognition of overseas qualifications and skills, and assists other countries in recognising Australian qualifications. See: AEI-NOOSR

National Tertiary Education Union: This is the national union for academic and general staff.

National Training Information Service: An online database developed by the Australian National Training Authority (ANTA), providing information on vocational education and training in Australia, including details of training packages, competency standards, assessment guidelines, programs, qualifications, and registered training organizations.

NESB: Non-English Speaking Background.

New Apprenticeship: An umbrella term for the new national apprenticeship and traineeship arrangements which came into effect on 1 January 1998. The main characteristics of New Apprenticeships include a contract of training between employer and apprentice or trainee, public funding and support for employers, choice of training provider, a wider range of occupations and industries than previously, competency- based training using national training packages, apprenticeships in schools, and a continued role for group training companies.

New Apprenticeship Centre: An organisation providing advice and assistance to apprentices, trainees and employers with training arrangements, training agreements and financial incentives under the New Apprenticeships system.

Non-standard enrolment: An enrolment in which a student replaces a core course with another course from within or outside RMIT

NOOSR: National Office of Overseas Skills Recognition, see also National Office of Overseas Skills Recognition

NTEU: National Tertiary Education Union, see also National Tertiary Education Union

NTIS: National Training Information Service, see also National Training Information Service.

NUS: National Union of Students

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