Glossary of terms

Off-campus student (external mode): All the units of study for which the student is enrolled involve special arrangements whereby lesson materials, assignments, etc. are delivered to the student, and any associated attendance at the institution is of a special or voluntary nature. (This does not include off-the-job training conducted by the institute as part of Training Agreements for Apprenticeship Traineeship Training Program (ATTP).)

Offshore program: An RMIT program provided in another country in conjunction with an RMIT institutional partner. An Offshore Award Program may also include some learning experiences provided in Australia. Some offshore programs are delivered via an educational delivery agency or professional association in which case the process does not lead to an RMIT Award. Offshore award programs will conform to RMIT program quality assurance. Study of an RMIT online award program by an individual student in another country does not constitute an offshore award program, unless an institutional partner is involved.

OHS: Occupational Health and Safety

Ongoing Postgraduate Research Experience Survey: The survey conducted by RMIT every two years to assess student satisfaction against the following scales: resources; the research environment; university procedures; supervision; and research skills.

Online @ RMIT: Online @ RMIT is a facility offered by RMIT University that provides access to course and program material and online learning tools, such as course reading material, quizzes, conferences, chat sessions and other interactive activities

Onshore International Student: A student studying on-campus in Australia as a temporary resident who is the holder of an international student visa granted under the Australian Government’s Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) Act 2000.

Onshore program: A program delivered by RMIT in Australia.

Open Universities Australia: An educational organisation which enables people to undertake tertiary or vocational study designed for people who don't have the time or desire to study on-campus. Students use materials supplied to their home, often supported by online study resources and television and radio programs. RMIT is a member and supplies courses.

OPIS: Online Planning Information System

OQU: Overseas Qualifications Unit, see also Overseas Qualifications Unit

OUA: Open Universities Australia, see also Open Universities Australia

Overseas Qualifications Unit: Similar to NOOSR: an office that assists the overseas trained to work and study in Australia by providing information, advice and assistance. This office is located in Melbourne.

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