Glossary of terms

TAFE: Technical and Further Education, and refers to Institutes of TAFE. TAFE institutes were founded by state governments in the 1970s (often replacing technical colleges or institutes of technology). Over time, as the national training system has matured, TAFE institutes have become fully integrated into the VET sector and are now one of the major providers of VET programs and services. See also VET.

Testamur: A certificate recognizing the successful completion of a formal and accredited program of study.

TOEFL: Test of English as a Foreign Language

Traineeship: A system of vocational training combining off-the-job training at an approved training provider with on-the-job training and practical work experience.

Training Package: An integrated set of nationally endorsed standards and qualifications for training people to meet industry-specified needs.

Training Plan: The negotiated agreement between RMIT, an employer or group training company and a trainee/apprentice if appropriate. It specifies the roles of all parties and details such items as; core modules/competencies, electives, training, assessment, delivery mode, visits etc.

Transfer: Credit granted in an RMIT program for a program satisfactorily concluded at another institution where the title, content and objectives of that program are the same as those for the RMIT program.

TRIM: RMIT's corporate document management system.

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