Glossary of terms

Deferment: The postponement of studies for one year by an applicant who has received an offer for a program, but who has not yet enrolled. Deferment may be granted by RMIT following an application giving reasons for this being desired. See also Leave of Absence.

Design and Social Context College: One of the major organisational groupings of academic disciplines at RMIT. This college comprises 10 schools in the design, communications, education and social sciences fields.

DEST: Department of Education, Science and Technology.

DIMEA: Department of Immigration, Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs.

Discipline-based Electives: These are courses that may be chosen by a student from a program-specific list, built around key disciplines or specialisations or chosen according to program-specific rules as to disciplines or specialisations. Refer to the policy: Electives In Undergraduate Programs (Student Electives). See also Student Electives

Distributed Learning System: The suite of learning technologies that provides access to online learning and communication environments.

DLS: Distributed learning system, see also Distributed Learning System.

Domestic full fee paying undergraduate student: Australian citizen or resident who pays full fees for his/her enrolment in an RMIT undergraduate award program.

Double degree: Two Higher Education programs, each of which has been separately approved, which are studied concurrently. These programs are usually from different discipline areas, for example Business/Engineering. Double degrees are normally completed in less time than would be required for the two degrees taken one after the other.

DSC: Design and Social Context Portfolio, see also Design and Social Context College

Dual Award: A dual award enables students to study concurrently for a higher education program, normally a Bachelor degree in one discipline, and a TAFE program such as the Advanced Certificate in another discipline, thus providing an opportunity to supplement one discipline with a practical, vocationally-oriented discipline.

DVC: Deputy Vice-Chancellor

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