Signing up for the Self Service Password Reset tool

You’ll need to complete two quick steps to be able to receive a password reset code on your mobile or personal email.

That way, should you ever forget your RMIT password, you’ll have the choice of resetting it through a code that will be sent to your mobile or personal email.

  • Please note this service is only available to salaried staff who have access to ESS. Staff members without access to ESS can use challenge questions to reset their password.
  • The Self Service Password Reset tool only allows you to change your RMIT password. It does not change or reset your ESS password.
  • Please provide your personal email, not your RMIT email. If you are ever locked out of your RMIT account, you will not be able to access your RMIT email.

Log on to ESS and complete these two steps:

1. Provide a personal email or mobile phone details by updating your ‘Personal Information’.

2. Provide consent to using the service by choosing your‘Communications Preferences’.

Be assured that all your personal contact details remain confidential.

Please note: If you have provided a professional mobile number in ESS, do not complete the consent in Step 2. Your professional mobile will always be used as the preferred mobile choice of communication – even if you provide a personal mobile number.