Contractor health and safety policy and procedures.



This policy applies to trade or technical contractors engaged by the University to repair, maintain, modify or remove any University service, facility or equipment, or to undertake any work likely to have an effect on its normal, safe routine operations.

Policy provisions

RMIT recognises the need to ensure the safety of contractors, contractors’ employees, University staff, students and visitors when contractors are engaged by the University to perform stipulated tasks on University premises.

In order to achieve this objective, it is recognised that contractors need to be :

(i) suitably experienced to perform the tasks;

(ii) In possession of all necessary licenses, permits, registrations and insurances required to perform the works safely and in compliance with appropriate regulations;

(iii) notified of any potential hazards associated with the location or use of the area where the works are to be carried out;

(iv) made aware of the University Emergency Procedures; and

(v) briefed on the necessity to perform all works in a safe manner and where appropriate in accordance with regulations, codes of practice and Australian Standards.

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