Student recruitment

The events and processes that may result in enrolment are:

  • Application
  • Selection
  • Admission (including RPL assessment)
  • Enrolment

Students apply to RMIT via VTAC application, direct application, RMIT International or through Open Universities Australia.

Students enrol either in a semester or at other times during the academic year. The academic calendar applies to students enrolled in semester-based programs.

RMIT also offers equity access schemes that allow selection officers to give applicants extra consideration.

International Services has the major responsibility for oversight of ESOS and its implementation at RMIT, with portfolios, Colleges and schools ensuring that operational requirements are met at the program level.

The Student Recruitment team in University Marketing and Communications supports career and training advisors, providing information on program application and selection procedures, accommodation, student life and services. The team coordinates career advisor events, campus visits for school students, and visits to schools.

Professional staff within Schools work in partnership with Program Managers to make all of this happen. For information and support on local processes contact the school academic administration team.

Policies and procedures


Application methods

Key dates

Information for students


If you are unsure of School processes, contact the School Academic Administration Team.

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