04 October 2013

The Roar of the Redbacks

On the morning of September 22, RMIT’s cheerleading squad arrived at the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre with hearts pounding and stomachs fluttering; it was the day of the State Championships!

After completing a solid warm-up, the team marshaled with a sense of confidence; they had taken out gold at University Games, surely they could do it again.

In typical Redbacks fashion, the team huddled together, intently listening to the coaches’ final words of wisdom. “Let’s go Redbacks”, they roared. The crowd erupted into applause as the club President took the first step onto the floor. As her left foot rebounded off the sprung blue surface, the rest of the team followed suit. Each athlete paused; completely encapsulated by the support of the crowd. Taking a deep breath in, each individual felt the crowd’s overwhelming enthusiasm and energy ripple throughout their entire bodies. “We got this’’ they said to each other as they took their positions.

The first stunts went up smoothly, then proceeded to complete the routine with fierce and determination. With one final stunt left, gold was indeed achievable. All they had to do was hit that final stunt. The first flyers went up into the air. It hit. The second flyers were lifted to a height that, merely five days prior, had seemed impossible. It hit. That was it; the Redbacks had hit a flawless routine.

Approximately an hour after completing the performances, the teams from the University Division gathered in the arena, eager to hear who would be crowned State Champions. RMIT’s morale slowly slipped as the positions of both third and second were given away. Perhaps it hadn’t been as solid as they all thought? Time appeared to slow down significantly waiting anxiously for first place to be announced.

“And the winner of the level 1/ 2 University cheerleading goes to… the RMIT Redbacks!”

The squad leapt into the air, embracing one another. The Redbacks won the State Championships! And the coaches could not believe their ears; they were so proud of what their diligent and assiduous team had achieved. They had managed to successfully maintain the position of state champions for the second year in a row. Receiving zero deductions for their performance; a score rarely achieved in cheerleading.

Mahalia Dobson, one of the team members said: We are extremely excited about our victory and now continue to work hard in preparation for Nationals, which are held in Melbourne on November 23. Bring on three wins in a row Redbacks!

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