International Research Exchange Fellowships


The International Research Exchange Fellowships have been established to provide support to international researchers to visit RMIT and undertake a period of research activity with collaboration at RMIT as well as to support RMIT researchers in undertaking similar collaborative research activity overseas.

The maximum grant sought is not to exceed $10,000, and it should be noted that only applications requesting funding for bi-lateral exchanges will be considered.

The grant must be used primarily to cover the cost of travel, accommodation and per diem or honorarium. Any use of the grant outside of these areas may only be done with prior consultation and approval. Funding for seminars, lectures and other activities may be funded by the portfolio, school and research centre/group directly or by utilising additional external funding obtained through corporate or industry sponsorship or grant from another Trust or Foundation, or by the international host organisation. All applicants should ensure that they have developed an accurate costing for all proposed activities.

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To be eligible to apply for an International Research Exchange Fellowship, applicants must be a member of RMIT University's academic staff and hold a continuing or fixed-term appointment for the duration of the Fellowship program. Prospective applicants who were recipients in 2016 or 2017 of Malcolm Moore, International Visiting Fellowships or International Research Exchange Fellowships are not eligible to apply in 2018.

In the case of an international researcher (the International Fellow) coming to RMIT, the applicant must demonstrate an established research connection between the international researcher and RMIT. Similarly, an RMIT researcher (the RMIT Fellow) proposing to travel overseas must demonstrate an established research connection with an overseas institution. The researcher travelling to/from RMIT should have a strong publication and grant record for the last 3 – 5 years.

At the closing date for applications (9 April 2018) applicants must not have any overdue progress and/or final reports for external or internal research grant funding. Applications which do not meet this criterion will be ruled ineligible.

Applicants can check the status of their reports by logging on to MyResearch@RMIT. (Please contact if your records need updating.)

Preference will be given to applications where evidence of matching external funding has been secured. Where the cost of the exchange exceeds $10,000, it is expected that applicants will source the balance of funds through other channels, including: a research grant, the applicant’s School or College, and the International Fellow’s institution.

Proposed Fellows are generally expected to be of the highest calibre in their field and have an international standing. Preference will be given to proposed Fellows whose research aligns with RMIT’S Enabling Capability Platforms (ECPs). Applicants are strongly encouraged to develop their applications in consultation with the relevant Director(s) of the following ECPs:

  • Advanced manufacturing and fabrication
  • Advanced materials
  • Biomedical and health innovation
  • Design and creative practice
  • Global business innovation
  • Information and systems (engineering)
  • Social change
  • Urban futures

Successful Fellows who are visiting RMIT will be required to participate in promotional activities regarding their visit. The visit to RMIT must include a lecture or seminar (of interest and open) to the wider community which could attract publicity.

All proposed visits should commence after 9 April 2018 but must have begun by 9 April 2019. Please note: visits that take place in 2019 will only be approved where the research funds can be demonstrated to be expended by 31 December 2018.

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Duration of Visit

Any international researcher travelling to Australia must visit RMIT for a minimum period of one week. Similarly, any RMIT researcher travelling overseas must visit their international host institution for a minimum period of one week.

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The Grant

The grant must be used to cover the cost of travel, accommodation and per diem or honorarium as applicable. Any use of the grant outside of these areas may only be done with the prior consultation and approval from the Trustees (via the Research Office).

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External Funding

Portfolios, schools and research centres/groups are encouraged to secure a commitment of external funding, equivalent to that requested, through industry or corporate sponsorship or a grant from another external funding body.

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Applications and Submission

Applications closed at 9 am Monday 9 April 2018. In fairness to other applicants, no late submissions will be accepted.

Completed applications must be emailed as one pdf file to

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Applications will be shortlisted and reviewed by the respective College Deputy Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research and Innovation) or delegate and forwarded to Associate Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Research Capability, who will recommend which proposals are selected for funding.

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Recipients must submit a written report to the Associate Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Research Capability (via the Research Office), within 60 days of the end of the exchange, summarising the outcomes of the visit and how the grant was spent.

The research funds must be expended by 31 December 2018. No carry forwards into 2018 are permitted.

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Management of the Award

This award will be managed and promoted by the Research and Innovation Portfolio on behalf of Alumni and Philanthropy.

Please direct all queries to

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The grant recipient will acknowledge Alumni and Philanthropy in all relevant presentations, publications and media releases as appropriate.

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