Learning and Teaching Investment Fund 2013

Project Title

Designing innovative multimedia learning objects for Global Studies programs to enhance student comprehension of globalization concepts and facilitate inclusive online teaching

Project Leader

Associate Professor Paul Battersby

Project Team

  • Tommaso Durante
  • Jose Roberto Guevara
  • Selver Sahin

Project Summary

This project proposes to design, develop and trial multimedia learning objects that explore globalization through the deconstruction of photographic images. The intent is to great 24 short multimedia objects that guide learners through visual representations of theoretical ideas central to the study of gloablization. Objects will unpack complex ideas used regularly in Global Studies courses and enhance learning for students with no or very limited prior knowledge of globalization theory. This will be a model for the development of multimedia objects across Global Studies at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The products of this project can be contained within a stand alone online course in globalization but will be flexible enough to be used in other online contexts, including courses in other disciplines. The project will increase RMIT’s capacity to offer new flexible study options and engage new cohorts of students through OUA or offshore.

Download full report [PDF, 162 KB, 4 pages]