08 October 2013

Two weeks in contemporary Europe

The European Union (EU) Centre at RMIT is offering you the chance to experience and develop your knowledge of today’s Europe as an important political and economic region in the contemporary world.

This year the EU Centre is giving four lucky students the chance to win $500 each. To be one of the lucky four, you need to be enroled in the Contemporary Europe course and achieve one of the four highest end marks.

Contemporary Europe is a two week intensive course where you will gain understanding of the social, political, economic and cultural complexities in the emergence of the EU as both a form of supranational governance and an ‘imagined community’ of regional unity. You will also be given the opportunity to examine cases studies of both tensions and accords within the EU as a space that remains culturally and economically diverse, including topics such as human rights, emerging nationalisms and ethnic and civil conflict.

If you see Europe in the horizon, enrol now and secure your spot!

For more information on this intensive two week course HUSO2318 Contemporary Europe, visit www.rmit.edu.au/eucentre.

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