15 March 2013

One hot minute with WorldMun attendee Nicola Mathieson

WorldMun2013 student profiles

Image courtesy of WorldMun Melbourne.

Who is Nicola Mathieson?

I'm in my third year at RMIT studying International Studies and I am the Deputy Director of Staff (Committee Chairs) at WorldMun 2013.

Why are your involved in WorldMun?

WorldMUN gives students the opportunity to become involved in a truly global event. From my studies I have learnt the true value of youth involvement and the importance of cross-cultural communication as the basis for international relations. It will be great to see delegates from around the world discussing, negotiating, and finding possible solutions to some of the world's greatest challenges.

How have you been involved in the RMIT community?

I have been president of the International Studies Association and a member of the Student Staff Consultative Committees (SSCC). During semester 2 last year, I travelled to Nepal on a RMIT study tour to participate in International Community Development.

What are you looking forward to at WorldMun 2013?

The sheer volume of people who will be coming together for a common cause. I think I will also take great pride in watching the committee chairs, who I selected and trained, taking charge of the committees.

What change would you like to see?

I would really like to see a new set of Millenium Development Goals (MDG) decided upon and come into effect. Hopefully the results of the MDG committee at WorldMUN can have some impact on their formation and provide a fresh perspective on how to eradicate poverty.

To find out more about WorldMun 2013 visit http://melbourne2013.org.au.

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