Program Manager and Course Coordinator's responsibilities

Program Managers and Course Coordinators are responsible for building awareness of academic integrity, advising and supporting educators in fulfilling their responsibilities, and managing the incidences of academic misconduct.

Program Managers and Course Coordinators must be familiar with the assessment-related policies, procedures and instructions.

As a Program Manager you must ensure that:

  • Program team members are aware of their responsibilities and adopt a consistent approach to managing academic integrity
  • Academic integrity requirements are relevant to the discipline context
  • Educators address academic integrity when students enter the program
  • Course Coordinators and other program team members are familiar with the most effective ways to address and uphold academic integrity within the context of the program
  • All relevant academic integrity issues are addressed in program team meetings
  • Program team members are aware of resources, relevant policies, procedures and instructions.

As a Course Coordinator, you must understand how your course fits into the overall program structure to ensure matters of academic integrity are managed at a level appropriate to the stage and academic experience of students in your course.

Your responsibilities include:

  • Educating both students and assessors about the requirement for academic integrity in all assessment tasks in the course
  • Instructing assessors on the procedures for identifying and dealing with breaches of academic integrity and ensuring that everyone consistently follows procedures and decisions.
  • Managing the assessment process so that all incidents of suspected plagiarism or cheating have been properly dealt with before results are communicated to the student
  • Ensuring all incidents of suspected breaches of academic integrity are investigated and dealt with consistently and fairly within the course in accordance to the RMIT Assessment policy
  • Referring incidences of serious cases of academic misconduct to the Dean/Head of School, with supporting documents and reasons.
  • Supporting students and assessors in dealing with the consequences of a breach of academic integrity.