Take to the streets and make your way by bike. It’s an inexpensive, healthy, and social transport option to get to class.

Melbourne Bike Share

Melbourne Bike Share is a bicycle sharing system that serves the central business district of Melbourne. Find a bike share docking station near you.

Bike Pod at City Square

The bike pod is a shower and change facility for city workers, students and tourists who cycle to and from the city. The bike pod is free for cyclists who ride to the city and is located at City Square, 202 Flinders Lane.

Lock your bike

Park and securely lock your bike:


On-street parking

Off-street parking

Stay safe

If you haven’t cycled in Melbourne or Australia before you need to think about things like trams, cycle paths, and wearing a helmet – Melbourne Bike Share have some tips on staying safe on your bike in Melbourne.

Cycle maps

If you’re new to cycling in the city the following map resources will help you get oriented on you bike.

  • TravelSmart Map Melbourne
    Download bike routes, bike facilities, lanes and paths, tram routes, bus routes and train lines.
  • Map My Ride
    Plan, track, analyse and share your bike journey online.


Get on your bike


Ride with others