Warden information instruction

Instruction statement

Each building should have an Emergency Control Organisation (ECO), which consists of a Chief Warden, Deputy Chief Warden and Area Wardens, to assist in the evacuation of occupants in an emergency situation.



Instruction steps and actions

The roles of Wardens are as follows:

Building Warden

The Building Warden is responsible for:

The co-ordination of evacuation exercises, which involves:

  • Accurately logging the performance of evacuations and problems encountered during the exercise
  • Conducting a debriefing after any evacuation
  • Continually striving to improve the effectiveness of these procedures
  • Housekeeping checklists
  • Co-ordinating and scheduling ECO meetings and organising site-specific training if required

On hearing the fire alarm sounding or becoming aware of an emergency, the Building Warden and Deputy will immediately:

  • Ensure that the security control room ext. 53333 has been called
  • Proceed to the fire indicator panel
  • Reassure staff and students that the alarm is being investigated

Deputy Building Warden

The Deputy Building Warden will assume the duties and responsibilities of the Building Warden whenever that person is absent from the premises. If both are absent from the building, a Floor/Area Warden will act as Building Warden.

Should both the Building / Deputy Wardens be on the premises when an alarm is activated the Deputy Building Warden will assist the Building Warden.

Floor / Area Wardens

On hearing an alarm or on becoming aware of an emergency, Floor/Area Wardens shall take the following actions:

  • Implement emergency procedures for their floor or area
  • Ensure the appropriate emergency service has been notified
  • Check the floor or area for any abnormal situations
  • Check to ensure fire/smoke doors are properly closed
  • Commence evacuation if the circumstances on their floor or area warrant this
  • Search the floor/area to ensure all occupants have evacuated
  • Ensure orderly flow of occupants into protected areas
  • Assist occupants with special needs
  • Act as leader of groups moving to nominated assembly areas
  • Communicate with the Building Warden by whatever means available and act on instructions
  • Co-opt persons as required to assist Warden during emergency
  • Advise Building Warden as soon as practicable of the circumstances and the actions taken
  • Assist Building Warden as required

Warden equipment

All wardens require equipment to assist them in their role. The equipment required is as follows:

  • Cap – all Helmets are being replace with Caps
  • Vest
  • WIP Phone Key (003 Key) the key is required by the Building warden to access the EWIS panel and by wardens whose phones are locked.
  • Emergency Procedures Manual

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