Get involved

Make the most of your time at RMIT; meet new people try new things, share your skills and discover your talents.

As a student you have access to a huge range of activities and programs through which to create, innovate, volunteer, mentor, test out your passions, develop leadership skills and make life-long friends. Below are just a few places to start.

Arts and culture

Dance, perform, film, create, be mentored - you don’t need to be an arts student to get involved, find out more.


There's a club for just about everything; whether your interests are cultural, political, academic, sporting, or spiritual. With students coming from all around the world there are also clubs that can support you while helping you to celebrate and share your own unique heritage, find out more.

Leadership development

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur or innovator? At RMIT you’ll find networking opportunities and the chance to lead projects and develop practical skills in social enterprise.

Maybe you’re passionate about sport? Get involved as a sports leader, trainer or volunteer. Join RMIT University Student Union (RUSU) for opportunities to support and advocate or get involved in a range of volunteer programs where you can develop your personal, leadership and employability skills, find out more.

Recreation and social events

Explore Melbourne and Australia on organised trips at a great group price, find out more.

Sports and fitness

Whether you’re into playing competitive sports, outdoor adventures or hitting the gym there’s lots to get involved in around your campus, find out more.

Student media

Get hands-on experience in all aspects of TV, radio and print media, find out more.