21 January 2008

The New Learning Hub

You will notice many changes when you log on to the new Learning Hub. The new Learning Hub will look different and will display different information.

Displaying program and course level resources by PeopleSoft term

As before, program level resources with links to tools such as Blackboard are displayed first in a separate panel. Current course resources are displayed next. These are available in the new Learning Hub on the basis of PeopleSoft terms. The default will only display resources for the current terms for each campus (Bundoora, Brunswick, City, Off-shore etc) and career (postgraduate, undergraduate, TAFE, etc).

Accessing courses that are not yet currently offered

Current courses and courses that have been scheduled for a future semester will be made available to staff. If a course has not had a scheduled class in the last two years, it will not be displayed, but it can be made available to staff if needed. Make a request through the IT Helpdesk or contact your Portfolio Administrator and your course will be made available. The default is for such courses to become available 28 days before the start of the study period or semester for which they are scheduled.

Accessing courses that have been previously offered

In the future, the new Learning Hub will provide access to previously offered courses, in a new panel below the current ones. At this stage only current courses have been migrated to the new system. If you need access to a second semester course earlier than 28 days in advance, contact the IT Helpdesk or your portfolio administrator.

Empty Blackboard Shells

In some cases empty Blackboard shells are displayed in your portal. The New Learning Hub generates new Blackboards taking content from the previous Blackboard for a corresponding term. If there is no previous Blackboard for that term, an empty Blackboard shell will be created.

Why do I have to Search?

The new Learning Hub does not display long lists of courses. If you have access to too many to fit on a page, you can search for what you need. Generally you will want to search at Course Offering level.

Further assistance

For assistance in dealing with any aspect of this change, please contact your portfolio e-learning coordinator or the IT Helpdesk.

Portfolio e-learning coordinators

  • Bus. - Lyn Atkinson (email: lyn.atkinson@rmit.edu.au or x55402)
  • DSC - Thembi Mason (email: thembi.mason@rmit.edu.au or x51952)
  • SET - Warren Nageswaran (email: warren.nageswaran@rmit.edu.au or x53057)