RMIT Major Surveys

There are five major surveys of RMIT students, three of which are administered internally and two externally.

The three major internal RMIT surveys collect student feedback on courses (Course Experience Survey), student feedback on programs (Student Experience Survey), and information regarding the activities of graduates who recently completed their qualification (RMIT Australian Graduate Survey).

Course Experience Survey

The CES is is administered by the SSC to help academic and teaching staff to obtain feedback about their courses and contribute to the improvement of student learning.

Course Experience Survey

HE Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching (QILT)

QILT is a coherent suite of national, higher education surveys endorsed by Department of Education and Training that covers student life cycle from commencement to employment. The survey is administered by the Social Research Centre. QILT consists of Student Experience Survey, Graduate Outcome Survey, Graduate Outcome Survey Plus and Employer Satisfaction Survey.

Quality Indicator for Learning and Teaching

Student Experience Survey (SES)

The SES is designed to capture feedback about a student’s total experience at RMIT, and helps us to clearly identify priorities for improvements to a student’s program, as well as to our overall services and educational offerings. The SES for HE course work will be replaced by QILT in 2016.

Student Experience Survey

Australian Graduate Survey (AGS)

The AGS is a survey of the activities of graduates who have recently completed their qualification. RMIT Higher Education Graduates are surveyed approximately four months after course completion and are asked what they were doing from an employment/studying perspective. The AGS will be replaced by QILT in October 2015.

Australian Graduate Survey

VET Quality Indicators

Quality Indicator data is used by RTOs to undertake continuous improvement and by national, state and territory registering bodies to inform risk assessment.

VET Quality Indicators