03 April 2014

Cælestis for WWF

Cælestis for WWF

Cælestis is the first classified growth wine brand created to support WWF.

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Auction your painting to support World Wildlife Fund with students from the UK, USA, China and Hong Kong.

Cælestis for WWF is a non-commercial voluntary association aims to draw public attention to the environmental impacts of wine production and consumption. As part of the partnership, Cælestis raises fund annually for WWF through an art auction.

This year you can support Cælestis and WWF with your painting skills. To participate, you must submit an unframed 42 x 29.5 centimetres painting preferably on the subject of vineyard or wine. Paintings must be submitted no later than September.

All the paintings will be auctioned in November or December in London, New York and Hong Kong. All proceeds will be directed to local WWF accounts.

Cælestis is an organic wine brand Originated from Château Fonroque in Saint-Emilion, France.

For more information, email Grazyna Lallemand or go to Cælestis for WWF.

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