29 June 2015

Targeting customer satisfaction

In May we introduced a customer experience Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey that invites customers to rate us whenever an ITS service enquiry or request is closed. Thanks to the 590 customers that gave us feedback.

NPS is part of a wider balanced scorecard we use to measure and improve the key areas of our business. It’s calculated by subtracting the percentage of customer ‘detractors’ (those who rate their satisfaction 1-6 out of 10) from the percentage of ‘promoters’ (those who rate their satisfaction 9 or 10). Scores can range from -100 through to +100. Our score for May was +59.

The challenge we’ve set ourselves is to improve this benchmark score by 20 per cent by the end of 2015. To achieve a score of 72, we’ll be analysing the daily customer insights we receive, following up on customer comments and targeting areas where we can do better.

To meet our full 2015 balanced scorecard objectives, we also need to reduce the number of support requests to the Service and Support Centre by simplifying our services and providing self help mechanisms for staff and students.

We’ll keep you updated each month on how we’re tracking and what improvements we’re making to turn detractors into promoters.