Assessment: entering results for competency-based completions

Instruction statement

This instruction sets out how schools should manage results under competency based completion in

  • apprenticeship programs subject to competency based completion and
  • all traineeships

It does not apply to apprenticeship programs not subject to competency based completion; to curriculum-based VET programs or to higher education programs.

It complements and should be read in conjunction with the

  • Managing requirements for trainees and apprentices instruction, and
  • Completions Process (Final Sign-Off): Competency Based Completions (CBC) for Apprentices and Trainees instruction.

Although results must normally be entered via the Results Processing Online (RPO) interface, to minimise duplication and enable the simultaneous entry of final employer certification dates, it is recommended that school staff enter both interim and final results for competency-based completions directly into the Student Administration Management System (SAMS).


This instruction applies only to traineeships and to apprentices in programs subject to competency-based completion. All other types of enrolment are excluded.

Process steps and action

When processing grade entry in SAMS for apprentices who are subject to competency based completion and trainees the following steps must be followed:

1. Open SAMS

2. Navigate to: Records and Enrolment > Enrol Students > Quick Enrol a Student

The ‘Quick Enrol a Student – Add a New Value’ tab will display.

IMAGE 1 – diagram of Add a New Value tab

Enter student details:

  • Type the Student ID in the ID field
  • Type the Academic Career in the Academic Career field (TAFE)
  • Type the semester/term in the Term field
  • Click on ‘Add’

3. The Quick Enrolment page displays

‘Quick Enrolment – Class Enrolment’ tab displays

IMAGE 2 - Quick Enrolment – Class Enrolment tab

Select Change Grd from the Action drop-down list.

  • Enter the class number in the Class Nbr field. (Use the lookup to display a list of valid classes). Select the appropriate Class Number from the list

IMAGE 3 - Enrolment listing page

The following page will display –

IMAGE 4 – Class enrolment tab

4. To update the grade - Click the Units and Grade tab

The ‘Quick Enrolment – Units and Grade’ tab displays

IMAGE 5 – Units and grade tab

Type the grade in the Grade Input field.

  • Click the General Overrides tab

5. Change the Action Date – Click the General Overrides tab

The ‘Quick Enrolment – General Overrides’ tab displays.

IMAGE - General overrides tab

  • To change the Action Date – Click the Action Date checkbox. Please note – You must now enter the grade Action Date (i.e., the actual date of employer sign-off)
  • Today’s date displays in the Action Dt field
  • Update the Action Dt field as required to reflect the completion date as signed by the employer
  • Click on Submit

6. The Quick Enrolment – Class Enrolment tab displays

IMAGE 7 - Class Enrolment tab

The Request ID displays at the top of the page. Confirm Success displays in the grid

7. To confirm the Grade updates, click the Study list link

IMAGE 8 – Study link list

  • Confirm the updated grade under the Grade heading
  • Click Cancel to return to the Quick Enrolment page.
  • The Entering grade process is complete.

Useful information:

  • Results for apprentices who are subject to competence based completion and trainees need to be entered directly into SAMS to record the actual date assessment was graded
  • In instances where a result is already on the student’s record the School will need to undertake the Amendment to Grade process. Please contact the Assessment Support Unit ( with any questions concerning this process

For questions concerning errors on a student’s record contact TAFE Records (

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